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 Testimonial from Master Dwayne Dendy

Master Dwayne Dendy

My Experience in the martial arts is over a 40 year span and are as follows: Shotokan, Taekwondo, Krav Maga, KFM (Kaci Fighting Method), Hand to Hand (Military Training) and Weapons Training. I hold various Black Belts in several systems. I saw Strike-Skin for the first time walking into Chief Master Robert Allemier's school in Texas. I thought how interesting and immediately got on my phone and started to look up the item on Century Martial Arts website, but was unable to find it. To see BOB for the first time like this I immediately saw BOB as a Burglar or Terrorist, which to me makes the threat of danger seem more real. I was then told that the Strike-Skin product was not sold by Century MA, but instead it was a product designed by Don Preston. When Don introduced himself to me, I told him it was a great product and I was very impressed by how strong the material is and that the strike points would be very useful for students to learn the proper striking areas. Returning to my school in Louisiana, I immediately implemented the use of Strike-Skin. I have already used it in a Self Defense Clinic, Krav Maga Classes, and Weapons Classes as well. I think Strike-Skin is a very well developed and professionally made product. I also believe that everyone who owns a BOB, should invest in a Strike-Skin not ONLY for the students sake, but for BOB's sake as well. Using Weapons on BOB or hitting BOB over time can leave him marked up and damaged. By using Strike-Skin, you are not only benefitting your students but you are protecting your investment on BOB also.